GINZA GRAND Premium Food Hall

  • Price range Lunch dinner


From shop

It is recommended to date

We enjoy time of two people in loose sofa of terrace seat against a backdrop of town of Ginza

[Ginza modern terrace] to be able to have various dishes mainly on Japanese dishes on on date is recommended. There are various seats including sofa seat and terrace seat, counter seat, and needs can enjoy in total.

It is recommended to reception, dinner meeting

Space such as a certain flavor private room and lounge to be usable in multi-purpose in ON/OFF

As it is completely equipped in dining zone of atmosphere such as lounge private room, it is usable for receptions. We take dishes which were particular about ingredients which cook of each store of noren street that sushi, eel, seven popular stores of various parts of Japan including tempura gather makes.

Taste of home here

It is the powerful charm that can thoroughly enjoy the finest taste with various genres at one seat

Shop handling Kobe beef, famous specialties of various places throughout the all over Japan including Matsusaka beef is space that gathered in a hall. Luxury to be able to come across various taste in one floor of spacious Ginza is particular.

It is recommended to girls-only gathering

Is sofa of comfortable terrace while feeling bustle of Ginza; adult girls-only gathering

Placed stylish terrace seat and luxury dining of sofa are recommended to stylish girls-only gathering. We can taste luxurious feeling with variation-rich dishes. We take consultation of food type casually.

Stylish atmosphere

For unusual drinking party with usual friend

When the shop where high chair is stylish wants to swell with friend noisily, it is most suitable for organic color that can be relaxed. We color some usual drinking parties with co-worker of company and friend not to be able to employ of mind in good quality.

Atmosphere of dishes, shop

  • Dining hall which can enjoy cooking of various genres

  • Cozy stylish floor

  • Conversation bounds brightly in opening-like space, too