GINZA GRAND Premium Food Hall

  • Price range Lunch dinner


Vest 3 which wants you to eat only this


"Grip assortment "order" order" (12 kan) that seasonal taste to enjoy with taste, tongue with eyes is popular 4,800 yen

All of [sushitokojun] which gave person trouble to all the material which selected carefully with feelings is grip clogged up of popularity. The fresh material to stock spreads in mouth full, and a happy time is felt every morning.


"Unaju" which appetizing nice smell and full-bodied sauce do not collect 3,800 yen

Popular special dish which it was fragrant and baked domestic eel from Aichi and finished with full-bodied sauce using reddish sweet sake from Kyushu carefully slowly and carefully [Ginza wig]. Juicy eel cannot help attracting eating person softly softly.


Burnt mark is power CHARGE "Japanese black beef steak set" 2,300 yen in fragrant Japanese black beef steak and rice and miso soup with fishmeat, too

Japanese black beef steak steak set which can fully thoroughly enjoy taste. It is special dish to send with confidence. [Ishida] Appetite improves in specially made mustard soy sauce more and more, too.