GINZA GRAND Premium Food Hall

  • Price range Lunch dinner


Seven well-known stores

We can thoroughly enjoy selected fresh fish with Edo-style craftsmanship [sushitokojun]

Shop which sushi using fresh seafood arriving including Tsukiji from Ehime, Yawatahama, Hyogo, Akashi Port can eat. Only the finest ingredients kept on choosing with certain eyes of craftsman are used. Edo-style sushi which was particular about seasoning such as vinegared sushi rice and soy sauce, salt is exquisite. Single dish or delicacy are enriched and are well-known store which can enjoy sense of the seasons only in Japan through dishes.

Kyoto dishes full of senses of the seasons and eel, carefully selected material tempura [Ginza wig]

Shop which can taste eel to bake with Kyoto dishes which are full of color and sauce using reddish sweet sake from Kyushu softly plumply, tempura utilized good point of material. Using seasonal ingredients which are the most delicious at the time, tempura finishing with expert craftsmanship nicely is taste to be addicted to. As he/she cooks in front, a sense of reality is plentiful, too.

We are attracted softly by melty texture [Ishida]

Steakhouse which can thoroughly enjoy "Kobe beef" which is high in the highest grade and honor in Japanese black beef. Expert chef bakes "Kobe beef" which is the first on the list of three major Japanese beef on iron plate in front carefully. So that the finest meat which beautiful sashi entered carefully right melts away in mouth. Taste and flavor to spread are unbearable as soon as we were able to enter entrance.

We want to eat once. Store specializing in Matsusaka beef [Matsushige]

Shop which can fully taste Matsusaka beef that butcher's shop [the morning sun shop] where is specialized in Matsusaka meat selected carefully with "shabu-shabu" and "sukiyaki." Good-quality Matsusaka beef is flavor and taste very mellow softly. Taste exquisite as for "shabu-shabu" and "the sukiyaki" which we make use of good material, and craftsman puts great deal of effort and cooks. Impression is much more in excessive taste, too.

We can enjoy seasonal fruit [Futaba fruit parlor Ginza Main Store]

Fruit parlor which did fruit shop "Futaba fruit" and collaboration to continue more than 75 years in Tokyo, Nakano-ku. Including parfait, fruit salad which we used seasonal fruit for abundantly, we offer meals such as curry and omurice, gratin. In addition, you prepare original cocktail using fruit at night, and of course please fully enjoy fruit together alone in friend and whole family.

We can taste "western dishes" of new age [Ginza modern terrace]

Western dishes restaurant for new age when new discovery is in in spite of being nostalgic atmosphere that we incorporated Japan and world culture in. GINZA GRAND Premium Food Hall We can thoroughly enjoy various a la carte menus arriving as dining of this from well-known store in foods hall. Shop which there is terrace which can overlook town of Ginza, and meets date and girls-only gathering, every needs including various banquets.