• Price range lunch

    \2,500, dinner \4,500

  • "Seafood Platter" is a luxurious dish that can eat fresh seafood.

  • Purification with deep ocean water. Raw oysters with three beats of safety, security and taste.

  • The cute arrangement that you can enjoy with your eyes is also attractive.

  • Enjoy the oysters in various cooking methods.

  • Enjoy the marage of oysters and wine, and have a good time for one person.

  • Oyster bar where you can enjoy the mood of an adult.

  • Gentle lighting creates a relaxing space.

  • Stylish appearance based on black and white.

  • Delicious oysters are carefully cooked at that time from all over the country.

  • Dining floor with a peaceful mood

  • Because it's a bench sheet, it's easy to put your luggage after shopping.

Oyster bar where you can enjoy "raw oysters" purified by deep ocean water using various cooking methods.

This is a new brand developed by Japan's largest oyster bar chain for GINZA SIX. "EMIT" means "release". From Ginza, we will send the world's safest raw oysters and delicious seafood dishes to the world.

We offer seafood dishes that focus on ingredients. Raw oysters are carefully selected and arrived from production areas nationwide, and we offer the safest and mineral-rich "mineral oyster" that clears the company's standard "Safe Quality Five Star".

This new brand has been created for GINZA SIX by one of Japan’s largest oyster bar chains. As suggested by the name EMIT, the restaurant seeks to introduce the world’s safest raw oysters and most delicious seafood from here in Ginza to every corner of the world.

We serve seafood dishes with a focus on the ingredients. We take delivery of a careful selection of raw oysters from regions around Japan and serve only the safest mineral-rich “mineral oysters” that have met our in-house five-star safety and quality standards.

This is the best three to eat.


hot oyster plate

Plate with popular products! ! (Butter saute, perfume garlic, oyster fries)

West 2

Ganbo (with rice) of migratory crabs and musssels-GO style buya base-


Oyster and Foregra saute

From the shop

Purification with deep ocean water. Raw oysters with three beats of safety, security and taste.

Raw oysters, which are purified with deep ocean water that has been patented at their own factory in Irizen-cho, Toyama Prefecture, are safe, secure and delicious. We are committed to providing only oysters that meet stricter standards than the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

Chef, Seiji Nagao

Professional genre: Italian cuisine

Born in 1983, from Fukuoka Prefecture. I like cooking since I was a child, and after graduating from a vocational school, I went on to cooking. After studying at a hotel, wine bar, iron plate grill, etc. in Fukuoka, he joined the company. He served as chef in Fukuoka, Osaka, Yokohama and Tokyo. He has treated the ingredients in good faith and gained trust through steady progress.

Basic Information

Floor floor

oyster bar

Business Hours
11:00-15:00 (LO: 14:30)
17:00-23:00 (LO: 22:00)

※Business conditions are subject to change in a hurry. For more information, please contact the store.

Price range

\2,500, dinner \4,500


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No charter, no smoking, no English menu, no service charge.

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