• Genre Seafood Restaurant
  • Price range Lunch

    ¥2,500 yen, dinner 4,500



Sei Nagao

Speaking of oyster, we are particular about here and quality to have you remember

It was born in 1983 and is from Fukuoka. After liking dishes from the childhood period, and graduating from technical school, to way of dishes. After having acquired study by hotel wine bar, grilling foods on an iron plate of Fukuoka, we enter the company. Incumbent duty in chefs in Fukuoka, Osaka, Yokohama, Tokyo. We treated ingredients faithfully and got trust by steady step.

  • Specialized genre Italian food

Specialty dish

We want to convey charm of oyster purified only by power of nature of deep-ocean water

Seawater that deep-ocean water has high extremely clean nature. We sell raw oysters "mineral oysters" of safe quality FIVE STARS which was purified by letting health get deep-ocean water in purification center of Nyuzen-machi, Toyama.