• Genre Seafood Restaurant
  • Price range Lunch

    ¥2,500 yen, dinner 4,500


From shop

We are particular about domestic ingredients

We purify with deep-ocean water. We are reliable safely and are raw oysters which had three beats equal of good flavor

"Raw oysters" purified with deep-ocean water which acquired patent in the company factory of Nyuzen-machi, Toyama are reliable safely and are delicious. We protect feelings to provide only oyster which cleared standard set more strictly than Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare and pull.

It is recommended to date

Oyster bar which can spend time by the mood of adult in a relaxed mood

On date of adult who wants to eat while the shop wrapped in the refined mood that white and black contrast produce calming down, and having a pleasant chat ideally. There is pair menu which we can share in two people.

Stylish atmosphere

Gentle lightener and stylish space to feel bustle of Ginza to be moderate

The shop based on white brings on gaiety with presence of mind and can enjoy oyster relaxedly. We keep friendly waiting on customers to feel comfort in mind. Please use casually in the casual scene.

It is recommended to girls-only gathering

For girls-only gathering and date, welcome and farewell party with friend liking oyster

For girls-only gathering and date, welcome and farewell party with friend liking oyster. Let alone raw oysters, it is recommended we serve carpaccio of fresh fish, original dishes using seafood in great numbers, and to eat.

We are particular about wine

Original wine "CACCCI" by Torres Corporation of Spain

"CACCCI" which was made in conformity to oyster of Chardonnay, so vinyon buran, Cabernet so vinyon, Pinot Noir and four kinds there is offering. Lah of France moves slightly, and it is recommended to Chablis made in lower company.

Atmosphere of dishes, shop

  • The stylish appearance that was based on black and white

  • Dining floor of the peaceful mood

  • As is bench sheet, as for the baggage of shopping return easily

  • We thoroughly enjoy oyster by various recipes

  • Pretty arrangement to be able to enjoy with eyes is attractive

  • We cook delicious oyster carefully at the time to arrive from production centers of the whole country