• Price range Lunch
    - Dinner
    - Cafe lounge
  • Close kelp of black color Japanese beef fillet; Shiogama foods in baked pie wrap

  • "Afternoon Tea set" to be able to enjoy to light meal and sweets at a time

  • [Ginza Maxims] "Mille-feuille of strawberry" which reproduced special dish of this

  • Mellow "truffle, prosciutto ham - flavor - feelings egg" "ki"

  • Sauce MIYAZAKI CAVIAR 1983 of tartar "one spear" and Yakushima passion fruit

  • Liquid of summer vegetables Yame cha and chin stock of fresh fish poeler green from Goto Islands

  • "Early summer - smoked ham product PIGEON, Kyoko, asparagus, new potato -"

  • Elegant dining which had luxury sao and elegance

  • Dinner dates while looking at night view of Ginza from 13F of "GINZA SIX"

  • Sofa seat where there is personality of high-quality lounge

  • Wonderful party that celebrates day of fine weather once in the life

  • Healthy dishes that pride genre fully used vegetables

  • Chef patissier proud of receiving a prize career in various contests

  • "Snow - scallops, cailiflower, sea urchin -" to be able to see winter scene

  • rake of salad honey and spice of roast "toyomitsuhime" and beetroot of duck

  • Of chic atmosphere [THE GRAND LOUNGE]

  • On memorial day, window seat with a view of night view is popular

  • Chic space [THE GRAND LOUNGE] where there is atmosphere of adult

  • Main 12 seats of counters [GINZA KIWAMI]

  • After wait and dinner of date…

  • Stylish interior that Japanese and Western ga fused wonderfully

  • Wonderful party that celebrates day of fine weather once in the life

  • Space full of hearts of hospitality. To think of all of time to spend here

  • Premium space [GINZA KIWAMI] only for 12 seats of limitation

  • Three chefs who send delicious dishes

Space of adult who consisted of LOUNGE, chefs counter including French restaurant where THE GRAND GINZA could thoroughly enjoy seasonal ingredients of 47 metropolis and districts

Dispatch base of trend and culture, experience-based value to stimulate sixth sense from Ginza.

It is space having banquet or tea-ceremony room in about 500 tsubos from lounge, restaurant as "lounge of Ginza" where adults sending Japanese trend and culture mainly on meal gather. It is available like lounge of city hotel.

A hub in Ginza for trends, culture, and experiences that stimulate the six senses.

Functioning as a gathering spot for adults interested in Japanese food culture, Ginza Lounge is a 1,653-square-meter space that incorporates everything from a lounge to a restaurant, banquet area, and tea room. The space is designed to function like the lounge of a major city hotel.

From shop

Elegant dining "THE GRAND 47" which had luxury sao and elegance

Good-quality space for adult who deserves to be seat of the dinner on memorial day on madam and birthday when dining letting you feel high formality spends lunchtime elegantly in Ginza.

Cook/Hayato Saito

Specialized genre: French cuisine

1978, Tokushima birth. After the crossroads cook technical school France school graduation, we study at Venus restaurant of France. We study under Hiroshi Yamaguchi after returning home in [Kobe Kitano Hotel]. We acquire study as the opening staff of [Kobe guesthouse] in 2007 and take office as chef from January, 2013. [THE GRAND GINZA] We are engaged in device of all dishes about lounge bar wedding party as chef as well as restaurant.

Basic information


Original French, bar, French, lounge

Business Hours
From 17:00 to 22:30 (LO: 21:00)

From 20:00 to 23:00 (LO: 22:00)

From 11:00 to 16:00 (LO: 14:30)
From 17:00 to 22:30 (LO: 21:00)

From 11:00 to 23:00 (LO: 22:00)

※We may change the business situation in a hurry. For more details, please refer to store.

Price range
- Dinner
- Cafe lounge

The number of seats
230 (total business space)

Possible (bar is excluded)

Reservations Available
From two months ago to the day
*"GINZA KIWAMI" Please make a reservation within three days before.

koshitsuyu, reserved correspondence are possible, and non-smoking, takeout are possible (only as for the mille-feuille of strawberry), and there is English menu, service charge 10%

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