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Stylish atmosphere

Elegant dining "THE GRAND 47" which had luxury sao and elegance

Good-quality space for adult who deserves to be seat of dinner meeting on memorial day on madam and birthday when dining letting you feel high formality spends lunchtime elegantly in Ginza.

It is recommended to date

Dinner dates while looking at night view of Ginza from 13F of "GINZA SIX"

We can overlook night view of Ginza from window seat where round table was placed in. Dinner in the mood that seemed to be had towards fantastic night view is particular. How about on dates such as birthday or memorial day?

Direction, service is characteristic

We categorize all over Japan for each area every period

[THE GRAND 47] Then we set area becoming theme for a limited time and constitute menu using specialties of the area. We become able to taste "delicious thing" of all over Japan in one year when we use every period.

We are particular about seasonal ingredients

At that time, we value most delicious "it is in season" and select carefully with ingredients

We color Nagano vegetables to "Sado first yellowtail caught in the coldest season" and it is like sheet and carries out selection of ingredients which valued season including one dish when we gathered up with arrangement, puree of "Shinano gold" thoroughly wealthily. By the skill that is artisan of chef, story is spun on the dish.

It is recommended to the wedding ceremony second party, party

Wonderful party that celebrates day of fine weather once in the life

We can hold wedding party in [THE GRAND GINZA] with various facilities including restaurant and chapel, too. [THE GRAND GALLERY] Then party to up to 140 people is possible by taking a seat.

Atmosphere of dishes, shop

  • Healthy dishes that pride genre fully used vegetables

  • "Afternoon Tea set" to be able to enjoy to light meal and sweets at a time

  • [Ginza Maxims] "Mille-feuille of strawberry" which reproduced special dish of this

  • Of chic atmosphere [THE GRAND LOUNGE]

  • On memorial day, seat with a view of night view by the window is popular

  • Premium space [Ginza pole-KIWAMI-] only for 12 seats of limitation