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    - Dinner
    - Cafe lounge


Main 12 seats of counters [Ginza pole-KIWAMI-]

[THE GRAND GINZA] Counter space 12 seats-limited of this for one day in corner. In luxury space with a feeling of PREMIUM, we can thoroughly enjoy course dishes of limit on that day. A time of supreme bliss to taste true luxury. TEL: 03-6263-9741

Special space that chef finishes in front

We finish ingredients which the freshness that we stocked on that day is high, and are tasteful splendidly in front and direct special time. Please spend a time of supreme bliss while enjoying conversation with chef and sommelier.

Close kelp of black color Japanese beef fillet; Shiogama foods in baked pie wrap

One article that we did fillet meat of brand Japanese beef which selected carefully from the whole country to close kelp and wrapped in Shiogama pie and baked slowly and carefully

Chic space [THE GRAND LOUNGE] where there is atmosphere of adult

Lounge of adult who can enjoy Afternoon Tea with high-quality tea brand "Mighty leef" and champagne from San Francisco. We can spend an elegant time by "Afternoon Tea set" to be able to enjoy from light meal to sweets at a time. TEL: 03-6263-9740

Sofa and booth where there is personality of high-quality lounge

Floor full of sense of quality that sofa seat and loge were placed relaxedly to be cozy. It is nice place that between seat of the circumference is taken widely. It is most suitable for meeting of work or Afternoon Tea, girls-only gathering with friend.

After wait and dinner of date…

Floor letting you feel elegance is good to date of adult who wants to spend time in a relaxed mood. Time to spend while talking in two people lets you forget the everyday noise while looking at cityscape of Ginza Chuo-dori.

Elegant "Afternoon Tea" which can enjoy flavor every season

Christmas and heart Afternoon Tea set of theme to dance come up in spring in Halloween, winter in fruit, autumn in summer in strawberry, summer. Please spend elegant time sitting on sofa looking at the blue sky and town of Ginza.