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We are particular about domestic ingredients

Insatiate search heart that continues demanding "delicious" of various parts of Japan

We refer to each local government for seasonal delicious ingredients of all over Japan with 47 and we sometimes stock from farmhouse directly and select carefully with ingredients which you can enjoy in peace deliciously and provide dishes.

Stylish atmosphere

How to use varies depending on the scene. As for the use in a great number of people◎

For restaurant of banquet specifications, correspondence that is flexible for the use in a great number of people is possible. Please feel free to contact.

We are particular about sweets

Let discerning specially made sweets make heart excited

All the patissier specially made dessert is particular about handcrafting. In addition, "mille-feuille of strawberry which reproduced legend and special dish of famous [Ginza Maxims]," Afternoon Tea set is recommendation very, too.

Relaxing atmosphere

Space full of hearts of hospitality. All of time to spend here for memory.

All the staff usually repeat study to be able to give service that we snuggled up to in our restaurant on day when customer is important. The proposal planner and proud staff color anniversary of customer.