Tsukiji Suzutomi

  • Price range Lunch
    - Dinner

From shop

It is recommended to reception, dinner meeting

Counter of private room which is useful for business scene

Private room counter seat which we can talk about slowly and carefully is recommended to reception. As it becomes private room, we can enjoy reception or special dinner meeting without minding rotation.

It is recommended to date

Space of adult that table private room surrounded by tender light is relaxing

Space that is moderate though adult including birthday calms down slowly in the table private room partitioned off with tasteful sliding door on date and memorial day and enjoys meal. Time of supreme bliss to taste seasonal sushi from moment when we sat down in our seat is waiting.

We are particular about ingredients

Relation wholesaler of tuna is quality of mother's body dakarakosono and the freshness

Tuna relation wholesale [Suzutomi] in Toyosu is management mother's body. Seasonal ingredients are ordered from the whole country and are selected carefully natural tuna of the highest grade quality, natural fresh fish from that. Vegetables use all high quality ingredients of Toyosu market, too.

There is private room

In private room which is quiet by flavor of the sum and the skill of craftsman for hospitality of important person

In shop with presence of mind based on the sum, we offer various types of private rooms including table private room and counter private room. You can use properly to reception and dinner meeting, purpose including banquet. It is space that is pleased with to overseas customer.

We are particular about seasonal ingredients

Gourmet groans to dishes full of senses of the seasons utilized seasonal ingredients kept on choosing, too

Sushi chef, Japanese dishes chef go to Toyosu and they choose the best ingredients from seasonal ingredients of the day elaborately at the time and prepare to seasonal special dish. Gentle one which it is delicious and can soak ourselves in is attractive seasonally.

Atmosphere of dishes, shop

  • Space of the refined sum to spread when we pass through white noren

  • Reception and date, calm appearance to be usable to gather in relatives

  • Counter seat which is fascinated by splendid counterattack of craftsman unintentionally

  • "Omelet" which is attracted plumply by texture and refined taste

  • Draw good material to the maximum, to special dish of gem

  • Sense of the seasons is expressed with seasonal ingredients seasonally