Seasonal aging hakko

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  • "Fermentation aging minibar garfish" which can enjoy the softness, taste of aged meat, potential of flavor in sense of fun

  • "Fermentation aged char-grilling" using "aging sheet" of new technology

  • "Tartar of fermentation aging beef" to have with specially made sauce

  • Fun after a meal! "Gelato of tiramisu and sake lees of strawberry"

  • High-quality dining which lets you feel high formality

  • Perfect location that can look down at cityscape of Ginza

  • Modern Japanese is concept

  • Opening-like dining with big window facing the street

  • 13F of GINZA SIX, entrance of refined atmosphere

Season of the other which enzyme and fermentation produce.
Chic space that can thoroughly enjoy "seasonal aging MEAT"

The collected studies of aging meat chophouse "seasonal aging" which suggested category of new meat called long-term aging, and caused a sensation. We provide fermentation aging meat of the world's best level mainly on Tajima beef which Japan is proud of.

For how to eat meat characterizing maximum, we adopt "listening itsu" where we can feel "taste of true meat". Draw taste of meat in fermentation aging technique of the highest peak with Tajima beef to the maximum, under the theme of ear and experience-based meal all-mouth, to feel.

The new fashion of serving long-aged beef, which was proposed by us and has created a sensation, reaches a pinnacle with Shunjukusei Ginza Grill, a restaurant that specializes in carefully aged steaks. Offering a menu that revolves around Japan’s renowned Tajima beef, we serve world-class fermented and aged meat dishes.

The most distinctive way to eat and savor the true flavor of meat is the “listening” approach. This experience-based food theme makes the most of the delicious flavor of Tajima beef prepared with the ultimate in fermentation and aging techniques. It gives diners the opportunity to enjoy their first bites using the ears and mouth alone.

Vest 3 which wants you to eat only this


"Fermentation aging minibar garfish" which can enjoy the softness, taste of aged meat, potential of flavor in sense of fun

AMUSE of a lot of senses of fun to carry burger which we assembled with tweezers of bamboo to entrance. We can enjoy soft melting of aged meat, condensed taste, spicy, mellow flavor by a mouthful. Ultrathin potato chip is must-see.


Please thoroughly enjoy "fermentation aging char-grilling" using "aging sheet" of new technology

From shop

It is admiration to discerning spice set which can become more attractive in fermentation aging meat, fermentation aging fish

We are particular about spice. Wasabizuke, unrefined sake, pure pepper, lemon salt, yoghurt Powder, ricemalt daikon which entered small bottle. Fermented butter parched flour leek sauce which entered cup. Smoked cherry tree tip which entered glass. Please all try anything.

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