shunjyukusei ginza grill

  • Genre Creative Meat-based Cuisine
  • Price range Lunch



From shop

We are particular about ingredients

It is admiration to discerning spice set which can become more attractive in fermentation aging meat, fermentation aging fish

We are particular about spice. Wasabizuke, unrefined sake, pure pepper, lemon salt, yoghurt Powder, ricemalt daikon which entered small bottle. Fermented butter parched flour leek sauce which entered cup. Smoked cherry tree tip which entered glass. Please all try anything.

It is recommended to reception, dinner meeting

Conversation bounds while tasting the best of technically aging meat, fish of fermentation food

Atmosphere that the luxury shop is cozy. It is most suitable for dinner meeting that we invite reception and important one. Let alone opening-like floor, there is private room, too, and convenience is outstanding, too. Dinner meeting that is peaceful around plate which made an elaborate plans.

It is recommended to date

Japanese dishes which evolve at perfect location that can look down at cityscape of Ginza

It is fitted with glass and can overlook town of Ginza from the shop with open feeling and is location that is good to date. We can enjoy fresh dinner date around evolving aging meat, fish while looking at gorgeous night view.

There is private room

Person who warms up, and is important in a certain space of private room which is Japanese modern and heartfelt dinner meeting

There are four rooms, private room for six one room, and half private room for four can conjugate in various scenes. By interior such as salon of modern Japanese, taste discerning menu to dessert slowly.

We are particular about tableware, interior

Feelings to tableware enlivening expectation to dainty food

Important element which caliber serves meal and puts up. All the dishes used for Kutani ware, dishes of Ishikawa are Arita ware of Saga, and wineglasses are unified and direct a deluxe time to heap up once-in-a-lifetime chance of meal casually.

Atmosphere of dishes, shop

  • 13F of GINZA SIX, entrance of refined atmosphere

  • Modern Japanese is concept

  • Opening-like dining with big window facing the street