shunjyukusei ginza grill

  • Genre Creative Meat-based Cuisine
  • Price range Lunch



Vest 3 which wants you to eat only this


"Fermentation aging minibar garfish" which can enjoy the softness, taste of aged meat, potential of flavor in sense of fun

AMUSE of a lot of senses of fun to carry burger which we assembled with tweezers of bamboo to entrance. We can enjoy soft melting of aged meat, condensed taste, spicy, mellow flavor by a mouthful. Ultrathin potato chip is must-see.


Please thoroughly enjoy "fermentation aging char-grilling" using "aging sheet" of new technology

Fermentation technology familiar to Japanese assumes the art of meal to approach the beauty and health, and the world pays attention now. It is special dish which baked fermentation aging meat, fermentation aging fish using the tip new technology "aging sheet" with moisture.