Mixology Salon

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  • Japanese and Western tea cocktails "Tea Tail" are very familiar.

  • "Gyokuro Martini" featuring the elegant sweetness of Gyokuro.

  • Savory taste of brown rice tea and pineapple "Tea box No.1"

  • "Matcha Gotfazer" produced by Uji Matcha to create exquisite harmony.

  • Citrus freshness is characterized by "Mandarin Wide".

  • Enjoy a relaxing time with cocktails using tea and fruits.

  • Uses tea leaves delivered directly from trusted tea farmers

  • Enjoy a relaxing time with cocktails using tea and fruits.

  • A quiet store with about 10 seats where you can talk slowly.

  • The date of spending time at the counter with a strong presence is also good.

  • A stylish bar based on the concept of "Japanese" and "tea"

  • Japanese-style hidden space created in the image of a tea room

  • Carefully listen to each person's tastes and make a custom-made cocktail.

An adult hideaway bar healed by "Mixology cocktail" using carefully selected tea leaves.

The cocktails provided by Mixogy are used to make completely new materials using technologies such as centrifuge, depressure distillation, and vacuum cooking, and to make cocktails that can only be drunk here around the world. At Mixolology Salon, we specialize in Teatari (tea cocktail) and Mocktail (non-alcohol cocktail) using non-alcoholic spirits, mainly selected tea leaves.

We are going to serve you the cocktails that are utilizing the fragrance of the tea leaves selected carefully from all over the world at Mixology Salon. Cocktails using tea leave are called teatail, and we created teatail courses of 3 kinds, 4 kinds, and 6 kinds. You will be surprised the changing fragrance caused by the innovated combination of tea leaves and liquor. Also, we have some mocktails using our original non alcohol spirits.


This is the best three to eat.


Japanese and Western tea cocktails "Tea Tail" are very familiar.

This cocktail is mainly made of tea poured into wine glass. We have sencha, roasted tea, oolong tea in Taiwan and jasmine tea. It is healed by looking at the plump glass like a watercolor painting, and if you carry it to your mouth, it will be healed by changes in taste and aroma. You can enjoy the time of bliss.

West 2

Slightness of fragrant brown rice tea and pineapple "Tea box No.1" 1,600 yen


The elegant sweetness of Gyokuro stands out for 1,800 yen.

From the shop

A quiet store with eight seats where you can talk slowly.

In a high-quality space reminiscent of a tea room, enjoy a slightly different hospitality than usual with cocktails using tea from all over the country. Carefully selected whiskey, brandy and tea play exquisite harmony.

Culinary: Yukino Sato

Professional genre: cocktail

Born in 1988, from Saitama Prefecture. I was impressed by the customer service and bartening of the hotel bartender and went to the food and beverage industry. [Shangri La Hotel Tokyo] He started as a staff member of the lobby lounge, and since joining the Mixology Salon [Spirits & Sharing], has been in charge of cocktail makeup as the main bartender of all stores.

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11:00-23:00 (LO: 22:30)

※Business conditions are subject to change in a hurry. For more information, please contact the store.

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Yes (until 20:30)

Available for charter, non-smoking, English menu, table charge 800 yen (+ tax

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