Mixology Salon

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Yukino Sato

We offer mixology cocktail which let "tea" fuse with "the sum"

It was born in 1988 and is from Saitama. Is impressed with waiting on customers and batendingu of hotel bartender; and to the restaurant business. [beautifulness GREE lah Hotel Tokyo] We are in charge of cocktail make as main bartender of all the stores after starting as the setup staff of lobby lounge, and having entered [spirits & sharing] to run mixology salon.

  • Specialized genre cocktail
  • Years of experience eight years

Specialty dish

Plump over-optimism of gemlike drop "Gyokuro Martini" which stands out

One cup of our restaurant pride that let latest mixology cocktail fuse with classic technique. Theanine (taste) feeling, plump over-optimism of gemlike drop are attractive. Please have.

Discerning ingredients

We use arriving "tea leaves" in direct shipment from tea farmhouse to trust

We proceed to tea plantation and select carefully with the best tea leaves matching cocktail and actually let you sublimate to cocktail which there is not of having drunk so far. As you offer cocktail using tea more than 30 kinds, do you not look for one cup of preference?