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  • The specially made tempura bowl "Australian foot"-limited to lunch which let serve seasonal ingredients for one course (goroku)

  • "Ice fish" and discerning "shiitake" that flavor of green shiso wraps up plump ice fish

  • "Clam" which can thoroughly enjoy thick taste

  • "Straight uni" where green shiso is fragrant refreshingly

  • Seasonal blessing with craftsmanship "seasonal vegetables" (wild plants)

  • The sky tea

  • "Selected course" to have luxuriously at counter of hinoki

  • Refined modern interior that the attention is felt in the details

  • Space of healing that warmth is comfortable of gentle indirect lighting and tree

  • Table and counter, two kinds of different private rooms of flavor

  • Non-daily life space where it imaged teahouse to spread through the depths of noren

  • High and we proceed expectation of the sum for a certain entrance

  • We send taste of [on tempura mountain] by outstanding field firing

We thoroughly enjoy selected ingredients with "tempura".
Hideaway of adult that refined atmosphere is comfortable

Hill-Top Hotel tempura in business for 63 years. We follow the tradition and advocate new value and open a store to Ginza. Please enjoy splendor of Japanese ingredients and taste and hospitality of Hill-Top Hotel through tempura in world various places.

Six seats of private room counters of space where direction (of one piece a year of 250 years old) is hideaway for a feeling of live at hinoki counter which can look around refrigerator of traditional ice. We establish interior reflecting the image of teahouse in entrance and raise a feeling of expectation until entering a shop and welcome for mental attitude of once-in-a-lifetime chance.

Opening at the Hilltop Hotel 63 years ago, this tempura restaurant has now expanded to GINZA SIX, offering new value while staying true to its rich traditions. Through tempura, diners from around the world can enjoy the wonders of Japanese ingredients, along with the taste and hospitality of the Hilltop Hotel restaurant.

A long hinoki cypress counter (a single slab of 250 year-old timber) overlooking an old-style ice storage chamber creates a hideaway in a private room seating six, where diners can view live performances by culinary artisans. The entrance décor mirrors a traditional Japanese tea house, heightening expectations as guests enter. We stand ready to receive you for a memorable encounter.

Vest 3 which wants you to eat only this


"Ice fish" and discerning "shiitake" that flavor of green shiso wraps up plump ice fish

One article of Edo-style tempura traditional on mountain. We bundle up delicate ice fish and wind up with green shiso and fry the freshness in blend of Taihaku sesame oil and large incense sesame oil of the most suitable temperature nicely carefully. With shiitake of raw wood which is fragrant with wall thickness with sweetness of ice fish, and is high.


Specially made tempura bowl "Australian foot" of lunch-limited which let you serve seasonal ingredients for one course (goroku) 6,800 yen


"Selected course" to have luxuriously at counter of hinoki lunch 8,000 yen ...

From shop

Refined modern interior that the attention is felt in the details

Finished interior reflects soft light with the plaster up to handmade chair and table, wall and ceiling by Japanese cabinet-makers, and air is purified, and it is in space full of refreshing feels.

Cook/Masanori Teraoka

Specialized genre: Overall Japanese dishes

1979, Saga birth. Have a crush on craftsman, and want to acquire first-class technique since childhood; to way of dishes. [on tempura mountain] We work hard at study straight. We are showing our skill now in [on tempura mountain Ginza]. We cannot help attracting person whom tempura to make full use of craftsmanship that we cultivated for longtime study, and to finish by outstanding field firing eats.

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From 11:00 to 15:00 (LO: 14:00)
From 17:00 to 23:00 (LO: 20:30)

※We may change the business situation in a hurry. For more details, please refer to store.

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There is private room, and reservations-response impossibility, non-smoking, takeout are possible, and there is English, Chinese, and there are service charge 10%, car seat

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There is hinoki counter, and there is sommelier

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