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Masanori Teraoka

Japanese dishes ray 20 years. Tempura to finish with craftsmanship quickly is reputation

1979, Saga birth. Have a crush on craftsman, and want to acquire first-class technique since childhood; to way of dishes. [on tempura mountain] We work hard at study straight. We are showing our skill now in [on tempura mountain Ginza]. We cannot help attracting person whom tempura to make full use of craftsmanship that we cultivated for longtime study, and to finish by outstanding field firing eats.

  • Overall specialized genre Japanese dishes
  • Years of experience 20 years

Specialty dish

Fragrant salt of fragrant soy sauce "clam" of decisive factor

We pull moisture using special seat and fry after we condense taste. It is fortunate that we came across rare green string lettuce of the Yoshino River. We powderized soy sauce of Okubo brewing to squid and gave nice smell and texture or repeated trial and error.

Discerning ingredients

Hokkaido "straight uni" which we further chose from the best

We select carefully every day and stock from production center and class of "uni" which is number, relation wholesale to trust the finest thing in that. Please enjoy taste, sweetness, flavor of the highest grade only in "uni" which kept on choosing.

  • Discerning ingredients sea urchin