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From shop

We are particular about tableware, interior

Refined modern interior that the attention is felt in the details

Finished interior reflects soft light with the plaster up to handmade chair and table, wall and ceiling by Japanese cabinet-makers, and air is purified, and it is in space full of refreshing feels.

It is recommended to reception, the dinner

One-on-one reception is counter, and reception in group takes private room

The shop full of atmosphere of the sum is recommended to the special scene including reception and the dinner. At a certain vigor main counter, two private rooms are fully equipped with, and one-on-one reception directs refined time.

Relaxing atmosphere

Space of healing that warmth is comfortable of gentle indirect lighting and tree

What can sense traditional hospitality as hotel cultivated in longtime history bodily in Ginza is attractive. Casual consideration is comfortable and is relaxing while eating relaxedly.

There is private room

Table and counter, two kinds of different private rooms of flavor

The dignified mood that table private room which was most suitable for various meetings including reception was gathered up in taste that was Japanese modern. There is counter private room where exclusive entrance was established and is one house which we want to use in kokozotoiu.

We are particular about ingredients

Seasonal ingredients that it was selected carefully which arrive from the whole country seasonally

To tempura crispy with sesame oil discerning with seasonal ingredients. Lunch can thoroughly enjoy tempura which there is not only at this time when we took in lunch, at night seasonal ingredients with tempura in front of classic royal road Edo positively casually. It is right treasure house of "delicious thing".

Atmosphere of dishes, shop

  • High and we proceed expectation of the sum for a certain entrance

  • Non-daily life space where it imaged teahouse to spread through the depths of noren

  • Special dish which adopted new sensitivity by tradition carefully

  • "Small dish" which was studded with seasonal ingredients

  • We send taste of [on tempura mountain] by outstanding field firing