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Vest 3 which wants you to eat only this


"Ice fish" and discerning "shiitake" that flavor of green shiso wraps up plump ice fish

One article of Edo-style tempura traditional on mountain. We bundle up delicate ice fish and wind up with green shiso and fry the freshness in blend of Taihaku sesame oil and large incense sesame oil of the most suitable temperature nicely carefully. With shiitake of raw wood which is fragrant with wall thickness with sweetness of ice fish, and is high.


Specially made tempura bowl "Australian foot" of lunch-limited which let you serve seasonal ingredients for one course (goroku) 6,800 yen

Article is well dynamic, and can enjoy ze;zei of ingredients; is special tempura bowl "only of Ginza on tempura mountain". We can have deluxe tempura bowl which let you serve live prawns, seafood, vegetables, seasonal foods for one course with extra-large Goroku bowl of mountains coating of special order.


"Selected course" to have luxuriously at counter of hinoki lunch 8,000 yen ...

Tempura to have at counter seat using hinoki no dirt materials of 250 years years old by all means in "leave". It is hospitality that is important for the feel, flavor. You can enjoy seasonal taste under conditions of the best.