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  • An artistic coffee poured into a cup that can be said to be an art product

  • High coffee to taste in extraordinary space

  • A cup of gem brewed by knowledgeable coffee Evangelist

GRAND CRU CAFPEGINZA is a flagship store that handles only the masterpieces born from the combination of experience and pride as a cultivation engineer for about 40 years as a mikafet founder, coffee hunter Yoshiaki Kawashima. Coffee beans handled at this store include sorting of farms, fields and trees, harvesting only ripe beans, traditional selection techniques, sun drying, hand sewing, aviation transportation, low-temperature storage of deoxide, and packaging. It is a gem carefully selected according to strict quality standards.

It is a dedicated area for micafet coffee seller owners, but visitors are also available. You can order a bottle containing 100 grams of roasted beans in one unit, and brew coffee from the purchased bottle. You can drink up to 6 cups. We have 10,000 yen (+ tax and vint 100,000 yen (+ tax brands. The purchased bottle can be kept for two weeks, and you can use the cafe using beans from your own bottle without any additional charge when you return to the store.

GRAND CRU CAFÉ GINZA is our flagship shop featuring only the world’s best coffees that MiCafeto’s founder and the COFFEE HUNTER, Yoshiaki Kawashima, proudly presents as a culmination of his forty years experience as a coffee agronomist. GRAND CRU CAFÉ GINZA carries only the best of the best coffee beans meeting the most rigorous quality criteria through the entire production process: the selection of coffee farm, lots and trees, the harvest of only fully ripened beans, traditional bean selection techniques, sun drying and hand sorting, air transport, fixed-temperature deoxygenation storage, and special packaging.

The shop is a special space reserved for the owners of our coffee cellars, but we also welcome visitors. The minimum order is 100 grams of roasted coffee in a bottle and your coffee is made and served from the beans in your bottle. One hundred grams of coffee can serve a maximum of six cups of coffee. We carry various types of beans and vintages with bottle pricing starting from 10,000 yen to 100,000 yen (not including tax). The purchased bottle can be kept at the shop for a period of two weeks from which you can enjoy coffee from your bottle without any additional charges.

From the shop

High coffee to taste in extraordinary space

A high-quality, luxurious adult gathering place with a leather wall filled with vegetable tannins on a chandelier in the early 20th century. This space is suitable for adults who want the highest peak in coffee as well as wine.

Basic Information

Floor floor

coffee salon

Business Hours
11:00-23:00 (LO: 22:30)

※Business conditions are subject to change in a hurry. For more information, please contact the store.

Price range


Number of seats

Yes (until the day before)

No charter, non-smoking, take-out available (coffee beans only), English menu, no service fee.

Facility Services

point program

Parking service

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telephone number



Preschoolers are not allowed to enter the store.

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