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  • Artistic coffee which was poured into cup almost work of art

  • Supreme coffee to taste in non-daily space

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It is flagship shop treating only the best masterpiece which GRAND CRU CAFÉGINZA concentrates experience and prides as cultivation engineer to pass to for about 40 years of mikafeto founder, coffee Hunter Yoshiaki Kawashima, and was born. Coffee beans to treat in this shop are special dishes which selected carefully in strict quality standard that only farm, field, sorting of tree, fully-ripe beans established for all steps up to crop, traditional careful selection technology, the sun drying, hand sorting, air transport, deoxidation low temperature storage, packing form.

It is exclusive area for coffee seller owner of mikafeto, but visitor is available, too. We serve coffee from bottle which purchased one bottle with 100 grams of roast beans by order possibility by unit and do. You can eat up to six cups. We have brand and vintage from one 10,000 yen (+ tax) to 100,000 yen (+ tax). Bottle which you purchased is available for 2-week bottle keeping, and additional charge can use cafe using beans from your bottle at the time of re-visit without taking.

GRAND CRU CAFÉ GINZA is our flagship shop featuring only the world’s best coffees that MiCafeto’s founder and the COFFEE HUNTER, Yoshiaki Kawashima, proudly presents as a culmination of his forty years experience as a coffee agronomist. GRAND CRU CAFÉ GINZA carries only the best of the best coffee beans meeting the most rigorous quality criteria through the entire production process: the selection of coffee farm, lots and trees, the harvest of only fully ripened beans, traditional bean selection techniques, sun drying and hand sorting, air transport, fixed-temperature deoxygenation storage, and special packaging.

The shop is a special space reserved for the owners of our coffee cellars, but we also welcome visitors. The minimum order is 100 grams of roasted coffee in a bottle and your coffee is made and served from the beans in your bottle. One hundred grams of coffee can serve a maximum of six cups of coffee. We carry various types of beans and vintages with bottle pricing starting from 10,000 yen to 100,000 yen (not including tax). The purchased bottle can be kept at the shop for a period of two weeks from which you can enjoy coffee from your bottle without any additional charges.

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Supreme coffee to taste in non-daily space

Gathering place of adult who is luxury at good quality that wall of leather which it is in vegetable Tannin, and was called by chandelier of the early 20th century was put for one side. Like wine, it is space appropriate for adult for the highest peak to coffee.

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From 11:00 to 23:00 (LO: 22:30)

※We may change the business situation in a hurry. For more details, please refer to store.

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Reservations-response impossibility, non-smoking, takeout are possible (only as for the coffee beans), and there is English menu, and there is no service charge

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Entering a shop of non-school children is not accepted.

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