Grand Cru Café Ginza

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Supreme coffee to taste in non-daily space

Gathering place of adult who is luxury at good quality that wall of leather which it is in vegetable Tannin, and was called by chandelier of the early 20th century was put for one side. Like wine, it is space appropriate for adult for the highest peak to coffee.

One cup of gem which knowledge-rich coffee evangelist serves

Coffee beans kept in the best temperature environment sublimate to one cup that expressed vivid flavor as mellow aroma…. We can experience coffee original taste as fruit overturning image of general coffee with surprise and impression.

Artistic coffee which was poured into cup almost work of art

It is prepared with cup of supreme initial old Noritake where one cup is rare. We are particular about high thermal conductivity or thinness of taste and deserve to be if we draw coffee original taste. It is ideal to forget the urban noise.

[mikafeto] But, coffee evangelist proud

Coffee evangelist
Sosuke Hasegawa
It was born in 1988 and is from Kanagawa. Favorite brand is erusarubadoruserubanegura farm. When there was always coffee before life and thought that we worked and wanted to do favorite thing, we wanted to be way of coffee without hesitating. Grand Cru Café where [mikafeto] selects carefully from the best quality field of world-famous coffee is 0.0000001% of world amount of production what. We ruin the best of professional to one cup of the highest peak to serve from the beans.