Café Cova Milano

  • Genre Italian, sweets, drink
  • Price range 2,000 yen - 3,000 yen

From shop

It is recommended to date

Satisfying prologue to dinner with cocktail

You arrive slightly early, and do you not usually spend time in the evening passing busily more relaxedly? It will be to change time long in coming before person that "Aperitivo" is important arriving to a wonderful time.

We are particular about tableware, interior

Gorgeous interior that can sense Milan bodily while being in Ginza

Atmosphere of main store full of dignity is just felt and is space appropriate for luxury time. He/she lets you make absent-mindedness that visited Milan Main Store including sofa and chandelier ordered in Italy.

Taste of the home foreign countries

Pastry full of feelings of craftsmen who have been inherited ceaselessly

Pastry cook continued following recipe said to that it was not to be removed from the premises secretly. As materials of one one use thing used in Italian main store, too, including wheat, taste same as Main Store is reproduced faithfully.

We are particular about ingredients

Fully enjoy texture and characteristic of seasonal vegetables becoming enlivened

Menu which can fully consume vegetables including salad and soup is prepared for. Soup adopts recipe to have feel of texture for so that vegetables original taste is felt without straining daringly. We can enjoy taste that delicacy is deep.

It is recommended to girls-only gathering

Luxurious salon to be able to have pastry fuddled with blissful good flavor on

Good point of access that is available in situation to cross to many divergences including work return and meeting of accomplishments, circles. In lunch including Afternoon Tea, aperitibo is available variously.