Café Cova Milano

  • Genre Italian, sweets, drink
  • Price range 2,000 yen - 3,000 yen

Vest 3 which wants you to eat only this


For a time of changes from the busy daytime to dinnertime "Aperitivo Milanese"

Three kinds of snack and today's finger foods are set to drink. It is menu which was born from concept that we will enjoy style like Italy casually most.
※Beer is excluded
+ tax 1,637 yen ...


Prefix "monthly menu" which can thoroughly enjoy good flavor as a substitute for each month

Menu changes and catches every month without missing seasonal taste. Plan is three kinds of "GALLERIA" "SCALA" "DUOMO". Popular "sakeru is included in dessert which we can choose after a meal, too".
+ tax 3,637 yen - 6,364 yen


Special dish "panettonekekisetto" of [CaféCova Milano] which is pleased with as present

We are made with recipe not to be removed from the premises that craftsmen succeed from generation to generation from the early 19th century. Item which we cannot miss in Christmas season in Italy. Custard cream and chocolate cream are attached in shop.
+ tax 1,819 yen