• Price range Lunch 3,500 yen dinner 8,500 yen~

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Focusing on ingredients

Akaushi, a lean Japanese beef that is carefully raised in magnificent nature.

It has carefully selected high-quality meat quality unique to direct management, which is particular about breeding. Each part is divided by a craftsman. You can enjoy mistresses, ichibo, Zabuton, etc., which are said to be rare parts, in the best way to eat.

There is a private room.

Perfect for dinner or business negotiations, a private room where you can eat without worrying about the next seat.

There are four types of private rooms with a chic atmosphere, which are carefully designed with the taste of Japanese. Private space where you can enjoy conversation and cooking thoroughly. It is a elegant space that will please entertain, banquets, anniversaries, and hospitality of important people.

Focusing on domestic ingredients

Seasonal vegetables that are indispensable for "shabu-shabu" and "sukiyaki".

Seasonal vegetables carefully grown by producers are used abundantly. You can enjoy the thought and deep taste of each vegetable. It is important to keep your posture without additives until seasonings.

Comfortable atmosphere

A calm Japanese-style space that incorporates natural light

Relaxing atmosphere by forgetting time and enjoying meal. In addition, the detailed and well-service customers soften your mind and create a wonderful time.

It's easy to enter alone.

One person tastes a pot and gets drunk to his heart's content.…

"Shabu-shabu" and "Sukiyaki" can be ordered from one person, and you can enjoy Aka beef without hesitation. The table seat and the counter seat can be relaxed. The best time to enjoy the taste at your own pace.