• Price range Lunch 3,500 yen dinner 8,500 yen~

This is the best three to eat.


Enjoy the condensed taste of Aka beef in three ways of eating "Aka beef sheep" 3,500 yen

Wagyu Akaushi is laid on a tochi chest carved by a craftsman. The taste of the meat brought out with exquisite baking spreads in the mouth every time you chew. It is also attractive to try three ways to eat with a lot of condiments and soup.

West 2

"Seven kinds of condiments and Aka beef shabu-shabu" course offered only with red beef selected and extracted condiments.

Shabushabu enjoys beautiful colors and rich flavor. With a thorough commitment from the selection of ingredients, you can enjoy the selected seven kinds of condiments, homemade sesame, and ponzu to change the taste according to your taste.


Soaking in a sweet lingering lingering sound, only offering the "sukiyaki" course, which lasts a blissful time until the last moment.

Split made with amazake brings out the taste of meat and vegetables. Rich taste that does not get tired of being produced by special eggs wrapped around meat. You can eat and compare three types of "Akane" and five types of "Hana".