Patisserie GIN NO MORI patisuriginnomori

[for a limited time] From Wednesday, September 2, 2020 to Sunday, March 21, 2021

Wind and flavor, fruit and nut of seasonal blessing which forest has. Power to heal people overflows in forest.
Such forest baked confectioneries and confiture that we drink, and patissier makes up with thought that we want to send silverberry to through Western confectionery carefully one by one.
Please have deluxe Western confectionery that patissier of two squirrels gathers wisdom of the world deeply in blue forest and builds up that silver tree spreads by all means.

The forest – the breeze, the smell, the fruits and nuts that grows on trees- has full of healing power.
Our two little Pastry chefs –squirrel “Ches” and “Nuts” - would like to give out these forest’s healing powers within our sweets which each and one of them is neatly baked.
Please enjoy our originally baked goods, where can only be found in our “blue forest”.

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