House of Dior Ginza House of Dior Ginza

It is founded in 1947. We suggested feminine silhouette in the times to leave anteroposterior shadow strongly and regained joy to being dressed beautifully of women and revolutionized fashion. We develop women, men's fine jewelry and timepiece and it is faithful to the origin as couture maison and provides product which was full of the vision and originality, craftsman ships by the best service.

Concept first Japanese as for "house of Dior." It is characterized by special space to introduce "are de vivuru" of maison (lifestyle) into over all the buildings. Women, men's fine jewelry & timepieces form a line in the first floor under the ground, store consisting of the fourth floor above the ground, and crystal glass and linen, cutlery are prepared in the Japanese first "Dior maison".

Dior changed the rules of elegance of women with his debut collection called "New Look" in 1947 in the gloom of post-war years.
Today, as an eminent Haute Couture house, its vision, creativity and craftsmanship continue to be explored boldly in women, men, fine jewelry & timepieces collections with supreme service.

House of Dior, the new concept introduced first time in Japan, convey the house's art de vivire. 5 levels store displays women's, men's, fine jewelry and timepieces collection. Dior Maison is to be unveiled first time in Japan, proposing the exceptional selection of crystal glasses, linens and cutlery sets.

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B1F, 1F, 2F, 3F, 4F (entrance :B1F/1F)

Ladies', men's jewelry & watch, bag & shoes, lifestyle

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From 10:30 to 20:30

※We may change the business situation in a hurry. For more details, please refer to store.

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