Independent spirit, strength, femininity of the FENDIs appearing and disappearing to materials and art object which inspire done facade and the shop choose, and were able to blunder in Eternal City Roma where brand comes from in the origin are expressed by the details. It consists of 4 floors and has all categories of women if the shop having more than sales floor 700 square meters in area is men's.

Inspired by the brand’s deep roots in Rome, the Eternal City, the facade and store interior offer glimpses of House Fendi’s independence, strength, and femininity through the fine details of its carefully selected materials and objects. Comprising four floors in all, Fendi Ginza covers more than 700 square meters of sales space. The store stocks all categories of men’s and women’s items.

Basic information

B1F, 1F, 2F, 3F (entrance: 1F)

Ladies', men's jewelry & watch, bag & shoes

Business Hours
From 10:30 to 20:30

※We may change the business situation in a hurry. For more details, please refer to store.

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