Terms of Use

Website Terms of Use

Terms of Use

・ We run, and GINZA SIX retail management (called "the GINZA SIX retail management" as follows.) manages this website. We have you read each following matters before this website is used and would appreciate your using on agreement in these conditions.

・ Link to other websites that the GINZA SIX retail management runs in this website is made. When those sites are used, we have you read Terms of Use raised in that and would appreciate your using after agreement.

・ The GINZA SIX retail management may change Terms of Use of this website without notice. In that case, we would appreciate your confirming the latest contents as Terms of Use after change are applied.

・ When this website is used, customer should be thing which had you agree to all Terms of Use.


・ The GINZA SIX retail management plays for safety about information, sentence, data, image, photograph, video, software published in this website, but the GINZA SIX retail management does not take any responsibility even if we do not guarantee, and customer suffers any damage about those use those accuracy, integrity, usefulness, safety and others.

・ Few thing may be included in other websites where link is set in this website under the management of the GINZA SIX retail management (such a website is called "third party site" as follows.) . The GINZA SIX retail management does not take any responsibility about the use of third party site by customer. In addition, it does not mean that the GINZA SIX retail management recommends product, service, company published in the use of third party site and third party site to set link to third party site and is not thing meaning that tie-up or other relations exist between companies running the GINZA SIX retail management and third party site.

・ We change contents of this website without notice, and the GINZA SIX retail management may delete. In addition, without notice, we stop and stop administration of this website and may cancel the GINZA SIX retail management. Even if customer suffers damage in conjunction with these, the GINZA SIX retail management takes no responsibility.

・ Other than the above, it is not thing taking any responsibility for customer about this website and third party site.


・ (we include author's personal rights, neighboring right.) such as sentence, image, photograph, picture, video, music, copyright about program or other books (called "contents" collectively as follows.) published in this website belongs to the GINZA SIX retail management or the author.

・ Across range of private use accepted in Copyright Act, reproduction, the public send contents (transmission possibility includes becoming.) Oral statement, display, distribution, transfer, loan, translation, adaptation, modification, excision, act reprinting are prohibited by Copyright Act and cannot perform the act concerned without the GINZA SIX retail management and prior written consent of rightful claimant of contents. But the condition concerned shall be given priority to when condition is shown individually in this website.

Governing law

・We can access this website from countries of the different whole world of law. However, customer accessed in this website and both of the GINZA SIX retail management shall agree that we are restricted by law of Japan about the use of this website.

・About all disputes about this website, we assume Japan Tokyo District Court exclusive agreement competent court of the first trial.


・ These Terms of Use are things establishing condition about the use of this website, but do not establish claims and obligations relations about concrete business between the GINZA SIX retail management. Conditions of concrete business with the GINZA SIX retail management depend on place that the GINZA SIX retail management promises about the business concerned separately regardless of whether they are done through this website.

Privacy Policy

Personal information protection basic policy

We recognize that management about personal information is serious duty enough, and the observance of "law about protection of personal information" establishes basic policy about personal information protection from the start, and common knowledge is thorough to all employees. In addition, we carry out management of certain personal information continuously and maintain.

The use purpose

1. Administration management in our commercial facilities, offer of various services for members and correspondence with it.

2. Accomplishment of administration administrative tasks such as emergency correspondence or crime prevention in our commercial facilities.

3. We are invitation to sponsorship, the cosponsorship, the support, support, special event to cooperate, guidance, sending of seasonal greetings.

4. Sending, information for information about store, product, service, event accompanied with our services.

5. Event information distribution accompanied with our services, shipment of direct mail.

6. Various inquiries, correspondence about document request.

7. Marketing research accompanied with our services, information analysis.

8. In addition, it is carried out duties accompanied with our services.

The joint use

1. It is J.Front Retailing Co., Ltd., Mori Building, L Catterton Real Estate, SUMITOMO Corporation, GINZA SIX retail management (called in total commercial company as follows.) that use jointly. In addition, as manager for joint use, J.Front Retailing Co., Ltd. shares information separately between group companies, and they use the company. J.Please see this about group companies of front retailing.

2. In the item of personal information that we use the business companies and combination, it is full name, address, phone number, e-mail address, the date of birth, sex, occupation, title, product purchase history.

3. When we and companies use personal information jointly, they use within the use purpose mentioned above.

4. In the joint use of personal information that we acquired, we manage with responsibility. Administrator about personal information to use jointly is as follows.
GINZA SIX retail management
Contact: To the end Contact window, please.

Offer to third party

We do not offer personal information to third party without agreement of the person unless it is based on laws and ordinances.

Management, protection

We prevent unauthorized access to personal information or loss, destruction, manipulation, leak of personal information surely by making official regulations about privacy policy clear, and enforcing common knowledge on employees, and carrying out necessary safety measures and manage severely.

Disclosure, correction, deletion, suspension

When disclosure of your information, correction, deletion, stop and removal of the use are demanded, please report to "inquiry window" of the end. We cope without delay after having confirmed that person who had you report is the person as far as it is rational and necessary.

Contact window

We would like to send Contact about personal information to this place.
The GINZA SIX retail management general affairs department
Address: 〒 104-0061 6-10-1, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo GINZA SIX 7F
Telephone: 03-6891-3383